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City AM – Koine in the Spotlight

Ecstatus comments on the criteria needed for institutional adoption in the digital space. What started in the last financial crisis as an elegantly explained concept on a whitepaper has emerged into the fastest growing asset class in history, now with over $100 billion in market cap and its own ecosystem of spot, futures and derivatives markets. Its future growth potential presents a compelling case for including it in institutional portfolios, but can the digital currency infiltrate current governance and compliance frameworks? Read the full article here.

Institutional Investment Builds in Q1 2020, Sentiment Toward Crypto Funds Changing

Ecstatus comments on the the state of institutional adoption in the digital space. As time goes by more traditional hedge funds, fund of funds and family offices are starting to see that Bitcoin and digital assets can offer them diversification. The main challenges for them lie in having digital investment products that will pass their compliance checks. Over the last few years we have seen the digital space mature considerably, with several infrastructure improvements that are making Bitcoin more accommodating to professional investors. Read the full article here.

Bitcoin ETPs surge as May halving approaches

Ecstatus comments on the Bitcoin halving and how Bitcoin reacted during the COVID-19 sell-off and into its aftermath. Prior to the pandemic, Bitcoin has only really existed in an equity bull market cycle – the first Bitcoin block was added to the blockchain in January 2009, about two months before the S&P 500 bottomed in March of that year. It will be interesting to see how Bitcoin reacts if we enter a protracted bear market in stocks. Either way, we are going to see volatility, which could be good for traders who manage risk appropriately. Read the full article here.

Bitcoin Market Dynamics See Change After BTC Reward Halving

Ecstatus is quoted in Cointelegraph’s article on how market dynamics have shifted post the BTC halving of 2020: “The Fed’s bond buying program has increased its balance sheet by about $6 trillion since the 2008 financial crisis, with about half of that coming from its fourth round of QE earlier this year. As a result, more investors are seeing Bitcoin as a potential hedge against inflation. The Bitcoin halving has certainly played into this narrative. Institutions are also seeing Bitcoin as an uncorrelated asset with good risk to reward”. Read the full article here.