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Cybercrime and fraud is on the rise. There are increased risks of companies and individuals being targeted by email phishing scams during the coronavirus pandemic. While we take every measure to reduce the incidence of these at our firm, it is important that you remain vigilant, do not act on these communications and report any suspicious emails to us if you receive them.

We will never:

  1. Send you an email from any domain other than in the exact spelling written. Note – always check the email for other domains from which it was sent. It may be that a phishing attacker uses as part of the name, even though the email actually came form a different domain.
  2. Provide you with a Bitcoin or digital asset address over email.
  3. Request a payment over email.
  4. Discuss a business proposition or investment opportunity over email without first qualifying you as a professional or eligible counterparty investor in person or over a video conference call.
  5. Send random emails to you which look suspicious, for example requesting that you review an attachment unexpectedly without a proper explanation of why.